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What Flight 1974 Systems Control/Chrystalyx Is About

Poetry,Music,and Illustrated Arts - what do they all seem to have in common? Inspiration that comes from the artist's true heart. The wish to express their talent with the world. As a gift , a window to their souls, a peice of history and what was occuring during their time on this Earth, and their hearts speaking out as they are bleeding their messages that they wish for the rest of the world to understand and to hear.

Here at Chrystalyx Inspired Art, we believe in hearing that message and posting it here. Not only this, but to provide a window into the colective artistic soul of Kevin Michael Kappler. The founder of this company back in 1999.

An ainsiring freelance artist needed his artistic expression to be heard by more of the world and to promote those stil struggling to even get one poem, writing, ilustration, or picture seen or read by the public eye.

Music was not always about the money, fame, or Conections with other 'Big Time' Names. Music was a tool. To help one deal with their daily routine, get over a break-up, or share some of their overwhelming joy and light with the World.

Whatever their message, it used to be where one could freely share such and not be judged or be measured for what "measured intentions" or "defined meanings" that the words in their songs were singing. With their vocals, with their own point of views on life, with the fresh air to breath in inspiration gained from another singer that they had loved to sing along with as their radio played,growing up to adults - we became artists to express OUR Views of the World with Others who wish to Hear,View, Read, or Re-Imagine our creations , Re-sing our valued song with the world due to us inspiring them, and the ability to redraw what they have admired in our paintings and or illustrations without needing an attorney or legal document to express as to why they were "redoing" "our" "stlyes,forms,or even messages."

No, we want to make needed funds doing what we are doing. (Heck, I've planted out plenty of illustrations,photos,and music of my own that I needed to gain Monotary funding from), however, when those expectations are never met, I never gave up. Nor should you, the artist. The mere faith that I will, someday, be seen and sought after is a thriling thing. However, until that day comes, the fire of creation and inspiration shall keep me doing what I love to do. Singing,writing, and painting.

The Songs in this playlist are merely practice runs. Karaoke and Some of my own Heartfelt-Written Songs. Credit is given to those who originally wrote the Karaoke songs and performed them in their original beauty and gift to us listeners. I claim no rights,wishes for any funds from them, nor publicity for singing any song except the ones I forged from my own creative heart. Altered Sensorium. I give thanks for Bily Joel, Jimmy Buffet, Waylon Jennings, and all the rest who originally sang what I am singing here, kareoke and a few of my own compositions. I wish to express my talents and to show you, the listeners and also company Executives what Vocal talents I have. Maybe the light shall shine, onward, to you. Enjoy.

Musical Expressions (Just For Entertainment Non-Profit)

Kevin Michael Kappler - Tributes to The Legends

Karaoke and social scenes are almost always put together. Take one mic, a few friends, some cold ones , and what do you get? Memories!

How tone deaf Uncle Joey was. How much of a "Ham" Aunt Jessie was. Or your younger sister hogging all the great songs? Fun times.

Here, I've taken my best audio clips, Karaoke and Instrumentals, and a few of my own compositions as well and created the Ultimate Playlist!

Another Creative Music Expression To Add To Your Library!

Click this button to download your own copy of a demo, "Good Hearted Woman(Originally By Waylon Jennings and Simply a Cover Tribute I had Sung to Provide Tribute to this legend( On Mp3!

Fresh New Track

downtoeart.mp3 (Also Featured On Soundcloud(tm)

New Ambient / Techno Tracks To Enjoy!

We Now Offer Song-A-Grams!

What printed or written words cannot say - music can!

Order a special song to be recorded and published for that "any" special Occasion.

From Blues to Rock...Name this occasion and we shall mix and write those "special words"

which only songs can describe in feelings in the most "Universal" of all languages. Click This Link to Navigate to our sister site on WIX©2017 Wix Inc., Kevin Michael Kappler, F74 SYSCO (TM) (R)

Ebook Available, now, from F74sysco and Author Kevin Michael Kappler

Content? You bet!

The New Cover Design for My demonstration CD "Tributes To The Masters" Cover Song Album. For Entertainment. Not retail!

In Honor of all the legends which have inspired me to sing and have been great inspirations to me, this is disc one of two. Want the Altered Sensorium Published strait from the cd presses? Order from CDBABY!(TM)(C)CDBABY

"Tributes To The Masters" is a grand vocal cover collection (demo) album full of songs from "Alabama" to "Creedance Clearwater Revival." Get it free.


Altered Sensorium's "Feeling Winds....On Sale at

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Chrystalyx is the Trade Name for Flight 74's Literary Sub Chapter Business.

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